Are you curious about the Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) found on Airbus 320 aircraft? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we'll unveil the mysteries behind the FAP and provide you with a detailed understanding of its functionalities and operation. Whether you're a flight attendant, aviation enthusiast, or simply interested in aircraft systems, this article will enlighten you about the inner workings of the FAP.

Flight Attendant Panel A320

What is the Flight Attendant Panel (FAP)?

The Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) serves as the central control hub for managing and monitoring various cabin systems on Airbus 320 aircraft. It enables flight attendants to efficiently control lighting, emergency systems, lavatory functions, and more. Let's dive deeper into the components that make up the FAP.

The Components of the FAP

The FAP consists of two main parts: the touch screen and the sub-panel. The touch screen, divided into the heading row, display area, and system and function keys, allows flight attendants to select and view system pages. On the other hand, the sub-panel features hard keys for major functions that operate independently from the touch screen.

AIP and AAP of a A320

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Touching FAP A320

Exploring the Touch Screen

Delve into the touch screen's functionalities, including selecting system pages, viewing cabin status, and accessing important information. Learn how to navigate through the touch screen interface and make the most of its user-friendly features.

Discover the system pages available on the FAP and their significance. From cabin lighting and emergency systems to lavatory controls and evacuation alerts, each system page provides flight attendants with valuable insights and control over specific cabin functionalities.

Key Functions and Buttons on the FAP

Uncover the essential functions and buttons on the FAP, including the emergency lighting system, cabin lighting controls, lavatory maintenance settings, and more. Gain a comprehensive understanding of their purpose and how to operate them effectively.

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