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Our goal is to spread aeronautical knowledge through online courses. This modality has become very popular among the most important university institutions in the world, facilitating access for anyone, from any country and at any time to knowledge only with an internet connection without reducing the quality of training.

At Flightdemy we believe that online education is the educational revolution of the century. With our courses you can learn at your own pace, with a flexible methodology that allows you to complement the education of traditional flight schools. You will not have to wait for the start of classes or follow a calendar, the courses are always available for you to complete each lesson at your own pace.

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We develop technological tools that allow us to improve the immersion in your classes and offer you training with the quality of any other face-to-face course.


All of our tutors are professionals in aviation who contribute their knowledge through online courses. In them you will find a guide for your classes.

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We are committed to online education, that is why all our courses have exhaustive reviews by professionals to guarantee the quality of the content.


Link Trainer: El primer simulador de vuelo
Link Trainer: El primer simulador de vuelo

El primer simulador de vuelo se convirtió rápidamente en la salvación para las Fuerzas aéreas.
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How does a plane fly?
How does a plane fly?

Do you want to know how airplanes fly? Visit Flightdemy to learn all about commercial aviation
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Arcos DME, un procedimiento clásico de la radionavegación
Arcos DME, un procedimiento clásico de la radionavegación

Los arcos DME consisten en volar a una distancia fija de una VOR mientras se cruzan radiales. Aprende más en este post.
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¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cuando abordas un avión, qué hay en la cabina?
¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cuando abordas un avión, qué hay en la cabina?

Si cuando estás abordando un avión has dado un vistazo a la cabina de los pilotos y te has preguntado qué hay allí, este post es para ti.
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