This course is designed for those passionate about commercial aviation, those who have always wanted to be pilots or simply those enthusiasts who every time they get on an airplane cannot stop thinking about everything that is behind these flying machines.

What will you learn?

All the necessary concepts to understand why an airplane flies.

The instruments and flight controls in the cockpit of an airplane.

The flight simulators and their value in training.

Who is this course for?

This course is for all those passionate about airplanes who want to look further into the world of aviation.

Course Content

Module 1: Atmosphere
Lesson 1: Welcome
01:29 - 1 contents
Lesson 2: Atmosphere
12:39 - 3 contents
Lesson 3: Flight Principles
17:14 - 3 contents
Module 2: Airplane parts
Lesson 1: Structure
20:14 - 4 contents
Module 3: Flight Controls
Lesson 1: Flight Controls
11:40 - 4 contents
Module 4: Flight Instruments
Lesson 1: Flight Instruments
28:50 - 6 contents
Module 5: Flight Simulators
Lesson 1: Flight Simulators
14:43 - 3 contents
Lesson 2: End of the course
00:39 - 1 contents


  • ROMARIO JOSE ACOSTA 1 year ago ago

    Personally, the Basic Aviation course was a great virtual experience for an aviation passionate, and also is a good way to start acquiring aviation knowledge.

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  • Klaus Murdoch 2 ago ago

    Very good short course

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