Navigation Trainer

Practice IFR procedures using VOR, HSI, RMI, ADF and DME

Nav trainer
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Instrumentos de NavegaciĆ³n

Basic flight and navigation instruments

Our simulator has one of the most complete panels for training radionavigation procedures. The panel includes three of the most basic flight instruments: Artificial Horizon, Anemometer and Turn Coordinator.

For navigation, it has a VOR, HSI and RMI, three of the most used radionavigation instruments in the world. It also includes an ADF selector for the RMI, so that you can navigate using NDB stations and two VOR receivers.

As in all modern cabins, you will find a DME that will allow you to know the distance to ground stations. So you can navigate air routes, fly arches and other procedures that depend on the distance.


Navigation Charts

We design some navigation charts that can be used to navigate through defined routes, perform DME arcs and wait over VORs.

Download, print the charts and fly through the routes defined in the TMA using the radio-aids available. Put your navigational skills to the test by completing each set procedure.

Exercises and challenges

You have more than 100 exercises and challenges that will help you learn or practice each procedure, these exercises are divided by procedures. You can access them from the simulator menu.

If you want to learn how to do these exercises correctly, we invite you to enroll in the Radionavigation course .