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Welcome to Flightdemy, your aviation career starts here.

Flightdemy is a company dedicated to online training using modern technologies that allow greater immersion of students and instructors to facilitate learning and knowledge retention.

We share knowledge through our online learning platform LMS (Learning Management System) and simulators that run on any browser, including on mobile devices.

Learn new skills

Our online courses are based on the MOOC methodology popularized by MIT through its EDx project, which aims to make classes taken by on-campus MIT students accessible to people from all corners of the world.

Short lessons
Easy-to-use platform
EBT Methodology
(Evidence Based Training)

Online Trainers

Our trainers run on the browser or mobile device and allow for a reduction in training costs for physical simulators or complex software that require more advanced equipment.
This way, we are able to familiarize crews with equipment and system operation.

Our team

Our team is made up of aviation professionals from various fields who are responsible for reviewing, auditing, and validating each online content. They also ensure the proper functioning of online trainers.