A320 FAP Trainer - User Guide

Welcome to the ultimate resource for mastering the A320 Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) Trainer. Designed to simulate real-world operations, our A320 FAP Trainer provides a hands-on approach to understanding the intricate details of the Airbus A320's control panel.

This guide is an indispensable tool, crafted to elevate your training experience by offering step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips, and a comprehensive overview of features and functionalities.


In this section, you can adjust settings for the Pre-Recorded Announcements system. Two options are available for configuration:

Pre-Recorded Announcements:

When this option is activated, the Audio page will reveal the module for Pre-Recorded Announcements. If left inactive, the module will not be displayed.

IPRAM Fault:

Selecting this option will simulate the ejection of an IPRAM card, thereby deactivating the Pre-Recorded Announcements. If you choose to disable this setting, the system will initiate a simulated startup process, making the Pre-Recorded Announcements module temporarily unavailable.

Doors and Slides

This section enables you to modify the status of doors and slides by selecting your preferred option.


Within the menu, you'll find a small aircraft icon accompanied by a dropdown menu for each door, including emergency exits.

To alter the status, click on the dropdown and then select the status you require. Options include open, closed with the slide disarmed, or closed with the slide armed.


The temperature section features the same options you'll encounter on the actual aircraft, and it does not permit cabin crew to adjust the temperature.


Upon activating one of the fault options, a blue box will appear on the Flight Attendant Panel (FAP), displaying the selected error.

Water and Waste

This section provides a more extensive range of fault options compared to other sections. All activated faults will generate messages in the Message Box, which can be found on the Water and Waste page. Some faults may also trigger additional alerts on the Flight Attendant Panel (FAP).

Additionally, errors corresponding to the activated faults may be displayed on the System Info page for further diagnostics.

Smoke Alerts

In the Smoke Alerts section, you'll find multiple options for modifying the cabin sensor configurations and simulating alerts.

The first option lets you adjust the cabin sensor settings where location data is unavailable.

You can also introduce faults for specific sensors in each lavatory for targeted testing.

Finally, the system allows you to simulate smoke detection in the lavatories. Activating this option will trigger corresponding alerts on the Flight Attendant Panel (FAP), Area Call Panel (ACP), and Attendant Information Panel (AIP).


This section enables you to simulate various calls through the interphone system and observe their effects on the Flight Attendant Panel (FAP), Area Call Panel (ACP), and Attendant Indication Panel (AIP).