Welcome to the official changelog for the A320 FAP Trainer application. This page serves as a centralized repository for all the updates, improvements, and fixes we've implemented in our software. By maintaining a detailed changelog, we aim to provide a transparent look into the evolution of A320 FAP Trainer, ensuring that you are always up-to-date with the latest features and capabilities.

v1.0.0 | Jun-26-23

  • - New version control for FAP Trainer

v1.1.0 | Jun-31-23

  • - New audio page
  • - Some button fixed on Audio Page

v1.2.0 | Sep-3-23

  • - Doors page rebuilt
  • - Lights page rebuilt
  • - Fixes on temperature control limits

v1.3.0 | Sep-12-23

  • - New configuration menu

v1.4.0 | Sep-12-23

  • - Water and Waste page rebuild, now the message box only appears when exists a new event

v1.5.0 | Sep-21-23

  • - Adding "System Info" page

v1.6.0 | Sep-30-23

  • - Adding "FAP Setup" page

v1.7.0 | Oct-06-23

  • - Adding blocked pages page (dummy)