What is Flightdemy?

Flightdemy is an online platform that offers courses on aviation, from basic flight fundamentals to advanced pilot training. Our courses are designed by experts in the aviation industry and are taught by experienced pilots. We offer a variety of courses to suit your needs, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pilot. With Flightdemy, you can learn to fly at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

Learn aviation online

Flightdemy is a cutting-edge learning platform designed specifically to provide you with access to high-quality aviation education.
If you dream of conquering the skies as a pilot or if you're looking for an exciting career in the aviation industry, you've come to the right place.


  • - Specialized Courses: Flightdemy offers a wide range of courses designed by industry experts. From flight fundamentals to advanced navigation, our courses cover all aspects of pilot training and aviation.
  • - Expert Instruction: Our instructors are experienced pilots and professionals, ensuring you receive a practical and up-to-date education.
  • - Interactive Platform: Learn at your own pace with our interactive learning approach. Access study materials, explanatory videos, and online assessments to track your progress.
  • - Active Community: Join a passionate community of aviation enthusiasts. Connect with other students, share experiences, and get valuable advice from those who share your passion.

How to start?

  • - Registration: Create a free Flightdemy account to access our courses and resources.
  • - Explore Courses: Browse our list of courses and choose the one that best suits your goals and experience level.
  • - Learn at Your Pace: Study the materials, watch the videos, and complete the assignments at your own pace. No time pressure.
  • - Connect and Grow: Join the community, ask questions, share your progress, and stay inspired by other aviation enthusiasts.

Whether you're pursuing a career as a professional pilot or simply want to explore the world of aviation, Flightdemy is here to guide you every step of the way. Join us and make your dreams take flight!

Remember, Flightdemy is more than just a learning platform. It's a community that gives you the tools and knowledge you need to excel in the aviation industry. No matter your current experience level, we're here to help you reach new heights in your career and passion for flying!

Do you have more questions about what Flightdemy is? Don't hesitate to explore our Help Center for more answers!