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Meet Flightdemy, a company dedicated to training aeronautical personnel through online training

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What is Flightdemy?

Flightdemy is a company formed in the state of Florida that specializes in the training of aeronautical personnel through online courses using web tools tailored to the need for aviation training of pilots, cabin crew, maintenance technicians. and other aeronautical personnel.

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Why Flightdemy?

We are committed in offering you high quality training. The contents of our courses are reviewed by multiple aviation professionals with extensive experience in aeronautical education.

With us you will find the best way to improve your professional profile and increase your job opportunities.


Modern methodologies

Our courses are not just documents and videos to review, in Flightdemy you will find online tools in which you will put into practice all the knowledge you learn during each lesson

Each lesson has a maximum duration of 15 minutes This way your attention and interest in the class stays high and you can learn much more.


We develop technological tools that allow us to improve the immersion in your classes and offer you training with the quality of any other face-to-face course.


All of our tutors are professionals in aviation who contribute their knowledge through online courses. In them you will find a guide for your classes.

Education Online

We are committed to online education, that is why all our courses have exhaustive reviews by professionals to guarantee the quality of the content.

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Online Learning

A great myth that exists around virtual education is about the effectiveness of transmitting knowledge, however the most important universities in the world have dedicated to strengthening these methodologies in recent years, offering several of their classes through MOOC (Massive Open and Online Course).

All the courses offered are recognized worldwide both by other educational institutions and by most companies in different industries.


Advance at your own pace

All our courses use a modality known as self-paced, in this way you can access to take each lesson at the time you want and go to the next module when you are sure of it.

In this modality There are no scheduled classes or evaluation calendar, however the tutor will be available to answer your questions on each topic.


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