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CIDS - Cabin Intercommunication Data System

The Intercommunication and Information System (CIDS) is used to control, test and monitor systems in the passenger cabin of Airbus aircraft. The CIDS is controlled through a screen known as the FAP (Flight Attendant Panel Trainer), which is located on the side of the 1L door. Through this, cabin crews can control passenger cabin systems.

It is possible to manipulate variables such as the temperature or the light's intensity. Likewise, it is possible to know the status of the doors and sliders.

Instrumentos de Navegación
Attendant Indication Panel

This simulator includes an AIP (Attendant Indication Panel) and an ACP (Area Call Panels) that is displayed on the sides when one of them is activated. It also includes the chime and HIGH-LOW sounds heard on the actual plane.

Detección de Humo

It has emergency smoke detection in the lavatories. When this fault is activated, all indications in the cabin will be displayed in the simulator and can be silenced by pressing the SMOKE RESET.