Basic Aviation

Learn how airplanes fly and how they are built

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Basic Aviation

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This course is designed for those passionate about commercial aviation, those who have always wanted to be pilots or simply those enthusiasts who every time they get on an airplane cannot stop thinking about everything that is behind these flying machines.


  • Module 1: Aerodynamics
    • The Atmosphere and it’s Characteristics
    • Principles of Flight
    • How to Generate Lift
  • Module 2: Airplanes and their structure
    • Parts of an Airplane
    • Characteristics of the Fuselages
    • Engines
    • Aircraft Systems
  • Module 3: Flight Controls
    • Primary and Secondary Flight Controls
    • Flight Controls of a Cessna 182
  • Module 4: Flight Instruments
    • Pitot-Static System
    • Gyroscopic Instruments
    • Navigation Instruments
    • Garmin 1000 Avionics
  • Module 5: Flight Simulators
    • History of Flight Simulators
    • Flying networks
    • Flight Simulators at home

What you will learn

  • All the necessary concepts to understand why an airplane flies.
  • The instruments and flight controls in the cockpit of an airplane
  • The flight simulators and their value in training.

Who should attend

This course is for all those passionate about airplanes who want to look further into the world of aviation.

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